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The Importance of Chimney Inspection and Repair

If you want to have cozy warmth during the winter season, then you need a fireplace that is working properly. Fireplaces give much benefit to your home, yet there is another side to it that can be very dangerous. Health issues and fire can happen to our homes if the fireplace has cracked linings, deteriorating mortar, and creosote buildup. You may not notice these problems at a glance, but if you let a professional chimney sweeper do a thorough inspection, it will show these issues. And if you want to find out if your chimney has problems is to do an annual chimney inspection. When problems are identified, then you need to have your chimney repaired immediately to avoid the hazards and enjoy it safely for many years.

If a professional inspects your fireplace and flue system, it will be a simple, noninvasive visual assessment of the key elements of your system. An annual chimney inspection is important; you can make it a part of your chimney cleaning schedule. Your chimney sweep will check for cracks, deteriorations, of problems with flue, crown, brick, mortar, flashing, and the firebox and damper. Video inspections are conducted if there are problems in areas that are hard to see. The problems in these hard to see areas should also be addressed immediately. These problems can get worse if they are left uncorrected for a long time.

The risks of having cracks, leaks, and other chimney problems include house fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and other dangerous situations. This is the reason why you need to follow up inspections with the necessary repairs. You should call chimney repair professionals to fix the problems in your chimney so that you can protect yourself and your family from the hazards. You might need to repair your chimney with brick repointing, relining, and cap installation.

If you have an eroding chimney mortar, then it needs to be repointed. If mortar no longer keeps the bricks glued together, then something should be done about it. Your chimney can crumble or collapse if the bricks are no longer being held together. Repointing will allow the bricks to remain in place, making your chimney structure sturdy. replace missing and broken bricks so that it still looks great. Aside from aesthetic issues, chimney repointing will also address chimney leaks and deterioration.

Chimney fires and other problems can cause the tile or clay lining of older chimneys. Carbon monoxide leaking can occur if there is extreme heat in the chimney because of a cracked lining. The lining needs to be replaced with stainless steel lining for best protection.

Chimney caps will keep water and animals out of your flue. Damage can be caused by water and animals. Cap installation is very important; screened caps can keep birds, bats, and other animals out.

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