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A bag can too be seen as an important instrument that one will require when he or she goes for shopping and would wish to get a place to put the commodities and other things that have been bought. There are so many bags in use and existence. Women bags are those bags that are well known to the female gender and appeal to their feelings and personal wants.

These bags carry make up including oils and body lotions not forgetting money is also place in the same same bags. Plastic bags have become a come phenomenon in the recent times of today since they are easily manufactured from recycles and they are readily available in the market. Polythene bags being of less price in relation to other several types of bags are because of the raw materials involved or consumed in their manufacture is of lower price hence making the output also affordable to a majority of the common man. A person has no reason to purchase or acquire a new bag every time he or she goes for shopping but instead just buy the bag once then after use for the very first time you can keep it for future use and by that we mean carry it along the next time you go for that shopping activity you perpetually engage in. A leather bag is a strong durable and reliable kind of bag that is non rigid and carry goods, commodities and other things you can wish to mention and resist breaking because the kind of materials it is manufactured of is animal skin which is very strong and has to be subjected to some reasonable large amount of pressure for it to break down.

The totality of customer satisfaction of leather bags is immense and above standard and therefore the business owner makes good sales from leather and this is advantageous for a business since it brings in more capital that could be used to invest in other sectors. The sisal bags are durable to mean they can withstand long harsh conditions because the sisal plant it is made from is also to a harsh condition resistant plant.

Under types of bags in this discussion we also have the big and large size design bags referred to as suitcases. Designer bags these are posh bags perceived to be classy and mostly for those individuals who want to trend with fashion in the current world most known as swag by a group of civilised youths in the metropolitan streets of towns.

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